Bigelow Cinnamon Apple Herbal Tea Bags 28-Count/ 6 Boxes

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Bigelow Cinnamon Apple Herbal Tea: Warm and Comforting Flavor

Experience the warm and comforting flavor of Bigelow Cinnamon Apple Herbal Tea. This caffeine-free blend combines the sweet and spicy taste of cinnamon with the crispness of apple, perfect for any time of day. Each box contains 28 individually wrapped tea bags, and this pack includes 6 boxes to ensure you always have your favorite tea on hand.

Enjoy the Delightful Taste of Bigelow Cinnamon Apple Herbal Tea

Each sip of Bigelow Cinnamon Apple Herbal Tea offers a smooth and warming flavor with a perfect balance of sweet apple and spicy cinnamon.

Why Choose Bigelow Cinnamon Apple Herbal Tea?

  • Delicious Flavor: Enjoy the delightful combination of sweet apple and spicy cinnamon in every cup.
  • Caffeine-Free: Perfect for any time of day, this herbal tea is naturally caffeine-free.
  • Convenient Packaging: Each tea bag is individually wrapped to preserve freshness and flavor.
  • Trusted Brand: Bigelow is renowned for its high-quality teas and commitment to delivering exceptional taste.

Brewing Instructions:

Steep one tea bag in boiling water for 4-6 minutes. Remove the tea bag and enjoy the warm, flavorful infusion.

Perfect For:

  • Morning or evening relaxation
  • Office tea breaks
  • Cozy afternoons at home
  • Those who appreciate a comforting, caffeine-free beverage

Available Sizes:

Bigelow Cinnamon Apple Herbal Tea Bags are available in a pack containing 6 boxes, with each box holding 28 tea bags, ensuring you have plenty of tea to enjoy and share.

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