Green Mountain Dark Magic, K Cups


Unleash the bold, intense flavor of Green Mountain Dark Magic. These K-Cups offer a convenient way to enjoy a dark roast coffee that’s rich, robust, and full-bodied, perfect for those who love a powerful cup.

Why Choose Green Mountain Dark Magic K-Cups?

  • Bold Flavor: Experience the strong, intense flavor of Dark Magic, designed for those who prefer a deep, robust coffee.
  • Convenience: Designed for Keurig® K-Cup® brewing systems, offering a quick and easy single-serve coffee experience.
  • Consistent Quality: Each K-Cup ensures the perfect amount of coffee for a consistent, great-tasting cup every time.
  • Trusted Brand: Green Mountain is known for its dedication to quality and sustainability, trusted by coffee lovers everywhere.

Tasting Notes: Green Mountain Dark Magic offers a dark roast with rich, intense flavors and a full-bodied finish, providing a deeply satisfying coffee experience.

Brewing Instructions: Insert the K-Cup into your Keurig® machine, select your desired brew size, and enjoy a perfect cup of dark roast coffee in minutes.

Perfect For:

  • Morning coffee rituals
  • Afternoon pick-me-ups
  • Sharing with friends and family
  • Those who enjoy a bold, strong coffee

Available Sizes: Green Mountain Dark Magic K-Cups are available in packs of 48 and 96 pods, so you can choose the size that best fits your needs.