Fairlife UFM Milk 2% Reduced Fat Strawberry, 14 Oz Bottle


Fairlife Strawberry Protein Shake in 14 Oz bottles offers a delightful mix of creamy texture and ripe strawberry flavor. This ultra filtered milk contains less sugar and more protein than traditional flavored milks. It’s a great choice for health conscious individuals.

Enjoy the taste of strawberries with Fairlife’s milk. It’s perfect for a nutritious breakfast, a post-workout recovery drink, or a midday snack.

Serve this strawberry milk chilled for a refreshing treat or as part of a balanced meal. Each serving is packed with calcium, vitamins, and essential nutrients to support health.

Its portable size lets you enjoy high quality strawberry milk anywhere. It’s perfect for a satisfying beverage at work, school, or during outdoor activities. Fairlife strawberry milk blends convenience with delicious flavor and nutritional benefits.